Your digital marketing training in just 6 months at MolenGeek 👇

Are you a job seeker and do you want to shine at employers?

Then our digital marketing course is for you!

This year was marked by the explosion of digital technology and online marketing. It is a sector that is constantly looking for new employees.

Thanks to the training we provide, you will be well equipped to develop a website, apply digital marketing strategies, integrate social media and write excellent content for your blog. There are no more secrets to unravel for social media, just like for search engine optimization, and you will be lord and master of copywriting.

In just 6 months you will juggle a dozen new tools and you can apply for sought-after positions such as: Digital Project Manager, Data Analyst, Brand Manager, Consultant in digital marketing, Social Media & Community Manager, and much more.

93% of people who have completed the training leave Molengeek with a job or a business project.

This digital marketing course allows you to become your own boss, work at an agency or in a marketing department.

You will be able to sell any product anywhere in the world, promote a new project and all at the same time if necessary.

Regardless of your level, we will teach you how to edit videos, create websites, master all social media, write as a web copywriter, and build the largest online community in your niche.

You will become versatile and able to do everything in your future field.

Why choose MolenGeek to follow your digital marketing course?

The jobs that will be accessible to you thanks to the training :

This is a versatile person responsible for increasing online sales using different strategies.

He is concerned with the visibility of the company in search engines. In short, he ensures that your company is properly ranked in search results.

He creates and manages interactions on social media, your website, your blog to make your company known.

He / she studies and uses data to predict and define the strategy and action plan.

This is a versatile coordinator who is involved in the management, creation and implementation of the project.

He / she is concerned with the image and presence of the brand on social media and develops marketing strategies.

He writes on the internet; it is a profession that requires good knowledge of search engine optimization and the art of using words to sell. He is creative and versatile.

He / she retrieves and visualizes data to understand the behavior of web users.

This is the person who ensures the consistency and evolution of the brand. He / she ensures that brand awareness is increased and that the brand is distributed to the public.

Provides his / her expertise in digital marketing to customers and manages their digital marketing campaigns.

The program

Technical skills:

Intro marketing digital​
Content Marketing
Time Management
Adobe Illustrator CC logo
Customer Journey Value
Optimisation testing
Web community building
Social Media Strategy
Paid Traffic
Analytics & Data
Search Marketing SEO
Live Event

What are the admission requirements for the training?

Practical information

Duration: 6 months

Timetable: from 9am to 5pm with a 1am break at noon.

Location: Turnhoutsebaan 92, 2140 Antwerpen


The program offers you the opportunity to boost your career and to retrain for a future-oriented profession. Do not wait any longer and become the most requested profile on the labor market.

If you are registered with VDAB, the training is free.

Register for the information sessions or send an email to for more information about the registration process.

You acquire the technical skills required to design any type of website from A to Z. And then it is an extra asset to add to your resume. You can also use this skill for your own project or offer this service to a customer.

The training is intended for job seekers registered with VDAB.

When you register for the course, your unemployment benefits are frozen (that is, you receive what you received at the time of enrollment and there is no degressivity on the amount). Moreover, you are exempt from the search for work. For more information, please contact your advisor at VDAB.

  • AWS re / Start: Thanks to AWS, you can acquire the technical skills required for a junior function in Cloud management in just 3 months.
  • Salesforce: In just 3 months, you will be able to configure Salesforce to create a customer journey across different channels, find solutions tailored to industry needs, and optimize excellent customer service for your company.

    Do not hesitate to consult our page regarding long-term training.