Become a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Expert in 3 months at MolenGeek Antwerp ! 👇

You may not know it yet, but it no longer needs an introduction in business: the Salesforce CRM is known worldwide and the number 1 leader in its thriving market. Salesforce Marketing Cloud, on the other hand, is a specific part of the platform dedicated to digital marketing.

It provides advanced tools for managing marketing campaigns, message personalization, marketing automation, social media tracking, data analysis and much more. Salesforce Marketing Cloud makes it possible to create more engaging and focused customer experiences with highly personalized marketing campaigns and a better understanding of customer behavior.

And only 3 months will you be able to configure Salesforce to create a customer journey across different channels, find solutions tailored to the needs of the industry, and optimize excellent customer service for your company.

Are you a job seeker and do you want to shine at employers with certificates that have real value?

Do you need change? Do you want to grow in an ever-changing society?

Become an asset to the largest companies thanks to the world’s leading customer relationship tools, Salesforce.

Salesforce is :

+ $ 10 billion revenue

+ 150,000 companies worldwide

4.2 million jobs related to the Salesforce ecosystem

Functions related to certified Salesforce skills earn an average of 8% higher salaries.

The Salesforce training is for you!

The jobs that will be accessible to you thanks to the Salesforce training :

He / she creates user functions, optimizes the interface, links the application to databases and automates tasks related to marketing.

He / she is responsible for presenting the product to potential customers and explaining the benefits and usage scenarios. His / her role is to find a suitable solution for a potential customer based on their industry, income and needs.

His / her role is to coordinate different departments and ensure that the customer is kept informed of every update and progress.

Certifications offered

MC Email Specialist​

For who?

Practical information

Duration: 3 months

Working hours: from 9am to 5pm with 1 hour break at noon.

Location: Turnhoutsebaan Borgerhout


Salesforce is a software vendor that distributes management software and hosts business applications. Salesforce is used for customer relationship management (CRM) in sales, marketing and customer service.

The list of major Salesforce products includes: Sales Cloud software for automation, design and management of sales processes; management of contacts, leads and opportunities; reporting and sales forecasts.

This is the training that gives you the basic certification of the platform. Once certified as a Salesforce administrator, the doors to work open for you! You can work in more than 150,000 companies worldwide that use Salesforce software, and you can even be hired by them.

In just 3 months, you will be able to configure Salesforce to create a customer journey across different channels, find solutions tailored to industry needs, and optimize excellent customer service for your company. You can also meet the needs of sales teams, provide them with a better tool to track and close prospects, and ensure personalized and consistent shopping experiences at every level.

If you are registered with VDAB, the training is free!

Register for the information sessions or send an email to for more information about the registration process.

Registration is no longer possible once the training has started.

When you register for the course, your unemployment benefits are frozen (this means that you receive what you received at the time of enrollment and that there is no degressivity on the amount). Bovendien ben je vrijgesteld van de zoektocht naar werk. Moreover, you are exempt from the search for work.

No. (Normally) the training will take place entirely in person.